Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I didn’t receive my text.

A:  You must use a unique mobile phone number to receive a text (e.g., cannot be used on your spouse or child’s account). If you use a landline you will not receive the text.

Q: I didn’t receive my code via email.

A:  Please check your spam folder and allow a few minutes for delivery. If you have not recieved your code in 10 minutes, please try again.

Q: I don’t have a mobile phone.

A: Use the email recovery method. You must utilize either an email or a mobile phone number to proceed with the system.


Q: I inputted my mobile phone number but it is not working.

A: You must omit all dashes and special characters.


Q: How do I join AAHOA and pay my dues online?

A: You will need to type in your mobile number and then click on the "First Time Login button" to create a a free account before you may purchase membership. Click here to learn about our membership benefits!


Q: My spouse does not have a separate mobile number and/or email address.

A: Please create an account on a free email provider. Some examples are: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.


Q: I am both a hotelier and a vendor. How do I login?

A: You must create or access two accounts -- one with the information you’d like to utilize for your hotelier membership and one with the information you’d like to utilize for your vendor membership. When logging in, use the respective account type you’d like to view.


Q: How long should it take to receive my code?

A: The code arrives instantly to the mobile number provided.


Q: Why am I being asked to use my mobile number?

A: Mobile number verification is a secure form of user authentication to maintain the safety of your account.


Q: The system will not accept my international phone number.

A: The system is designed to only accept 10 digit US phone numbers. If you are utilizing an international number without a US counterpart, please utilize the email method to create an account.


Q: I have a child. How do I access his or her profile?

A: The system requires an email address or mobile phone number for registration. If you have a minor child who does not have either of these options available, you may always create and monitor an account for your child or email for any requests you may have.

Have a specific question not listed here? Email and a staff member will reach out.